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About Us


We are a family based business unit situated in Jodhpur (INDIA). From past several decades Chouhan family has been manufacturing and exporting high class Military and Historical Swords, Daggers, Knives and Accessories to the leading names of Military business worldwide. We have been working very closely with history and artwork lovers to re-produce history of Military Swords.


Our swords are available in the USA, UK (England-Wales-Scotland), France, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Australia, New-Zealand, Sweden, Canada, Peru, Colombia etc.


After decades long journey in Military Swords business, we are now going to introduce our Indian handicraft section named BRC CRAFTS. We are here to offer selected and finest quality of Handmade Indian Crafts-Articles at the best competitive price to our clients. Our products are innovative and are produced using superior quality raw materials.